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Image by Patrick Metzdorf


Paving the Way

Techstream Systems is a proudly Australian-owned company with the independence to source and develop solutions that deliver the best outcome for facility managers and property owners.  Having worked extensively across the globe in some of the world’s largest Building Technologies companies, our professional team have amassed over 100 years of industry experience. We are proud to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure your building is the best that it can be.


The team at Techstream take pride in our work, making sure that when we are responsible for a project, our clients can be assured that it will be completed with only quality products, and be defect free, reliable, efficient, professionally presented and documented correctly.

We take a wholistic view of a solution, ensuring that customer outcomes are delivered. We take a hands-on approach to our projects in terms of system selection, performance specification, supplier review and selection, project management, installation, commissioning, documentation and smooth handover.

Our people are focussed on identifying project outcomes that meet both client expectations and our own high standards of excellence.

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