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Techstream Systems provides expert advice to ensure you get a solution with no hidden surprises or costs that is delivered on time and budget. 


Have a look at our range of services that can be customized to your project requirements. Get in touch today to get a quote.

New Construction

We deliver open Building Management Control Systems that focus on ease of use, efficiency and reduced cost of ownership. From design through to final commissioning, all of our projects are professionally managed by a dedicated team providing a consistent, high-quality, hassle-free project.

Service and Maintenance

With a diverse knowledge of HVAC, electrical, IT and technology, our team is well equipped to keep your asset operating at its best now and into the future. Offering system improvement and core maintenance activities with a focus on system optimisation and reliability, we believe good maintenance improves both building performance and operational cost.

Metering Solution and Energy Management System

We offer comprehensive energy metering solutions to integrate different types of meters - gas, electric and water - which help to deploy real time Measurement and Verifications (M&V) systems solutions.


What you measure is what you can control – we design metering and sub-metering solutions to track and manage energy consumption and operational costs.

We provide real-time energy management solutions that address excessive utility consumption as it occurs.


We have applied experience and knowledge by using unique web-based E2MC Energy Management Systems (EMS) to find energy savings opportunities.

Retrofits and Upgrades

We are experts in upgrading existing building automation systems to allow for better efficiency and running costs. Our team are experienced across a wide range of systems and retrofits can be implemented while a building is occupied with no disruption to your business.

Intelligent Building and Analytics

Today’s integrated systems collect more data than ever before. We are experienced in transforming this data into useful information enabling more efficient, reliable and comfortable buildings.

System Integration

We can integrate systems or devices utilizing the Niagara framework or our own E2MC platform.  This is especially useful on outdated legacy systems that have long since become unsupportable and expensive to maintain.  We can deliver cost-effective staged modernisation of your BMS system to align with your capital expenditure program.

Indoor Air Quality

We can provide applications purpose-built to boost customer confidence and drive growth using transparent indoor air quality data.

With tenants, employees, and guests analysing indoor air quality like never before, we can deploy easy to use systems designed for building owners and operators to prove their continued commitment to health and wellness in real-time.

Building accreditations alone don’t meet consumer demand for real-time confirmation that they are breathing healthy air. We can provide tenants, employees, and guests with the on-demand health insights they need when returning to the office.

Chiller Plant Optimization

We take care of all the necessary steps to achieving Central Plant Optimization, encompassing everything from infrastructure design and component selection to measurement and maintenance. When implemented holistically, Central Plant Optimization can deliver sustained energy savings of up to 60%.

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