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Chiller - Air Cooled

Chiller - Air Cooled

We offer Air-Cooled Chillers manufactured by ENGIE Refrigeration in Germany by the highest technical standards. QUANTUM Air series contains more than 16 years of experience in product development for air-cooled chillers.
Suited for use in a large number of industries, from automotive manufacturing to the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, data centres and commercial buildings.

220 to 1,900 kW
LN: low noise available
FC: free cooling modules can be integrated in the same device length

Key advantages
• equipped with oil free compressors, super quieter EC fans, open flash economiser and generous condenser coils maximising efficiency
• these units achieve COPs above 4.00
• The remote factory diagnosis and monitoring system allows customers to further reduce their maintenance and servicing costs
• The chiller management programming and plant optimization strategies delivered by our local team provides customers significant energy savings

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